on independence, the lie of sustainable meat and the cannibalization of our future

by oskar gudehn

.1) Scottish people are more concerned about economical issues than the real question of independance from UK. Independance would not be worth £500/year.
How would this study transer to Basque, Tibet, Chechnya or South Ossetia? When independance is sold for 2% of year salary, maybe you’re not that bad off..

Maybe a telling sign of the further individualization and ”voting by the wallet” trends.

.2) Encouraging and ”soft” leaders have more efficient and better working groups than ”mean” or tough leaders, even in the US army. The study doesn’t draw any better defined lines, what about honest or just? Is positive feedback always better, even where it’s not due?

.3) Industrial meat production is never sustainable. Today’s industrial farming is unsustainable  by animal rights- and environmental standards. The small scale organic farming loses out to problems of scale and efficiency. Grass-eating cows produce more methane and free range chicken produce 20% more GHG than broiler. Since grass grazing livestock need larger areas, more land is turned into farmland, i.e. large areas of the amazon rainforest has been cleared for this single reason.
Sustainable farmin is only possible in extremely small scale, where animals are slaugthered and eaten not when it’s most economicaly benificial, but when they are old.
And human waste need to be better recycled to farm land.

If we want to sustainably eat meat products, the only solution is to drastically cut down on our consuption. Large scale ”organic meat production” is not better than large scale industrial meat production.

.4) (Republican) New Jersey governor Chris Christie cannibalized the federal funds for public transportation, possibly using it to pay for tax cuts on gasoline prices. All while declaring his commitment for future generations.
Long-term, sustainable goals are abandoned due to short-term monetary (and by this politically) interests.


In general, people act out of short-sigthed interest. Money in the pocket today is what matters. And actually not only money. People seem to aim for any short-term benefit, even if just keeping daily habits (such as consuming meat); the path of least resistance. Instead of facing the problem itself (and the guilt) we rationalize and lie to ourselves. This is further transmitted to our politicians. They, also acting out of pure self interest, give us (symbolically) whatever we desire in order to secure their re-election. A deliberate mis-reding of .2) would say that leaders (or critics, or society as a whole) are further inclined to applaude and encourage whatever behavior is shown (both ”good” and ”bad”). It is a viscious cycle, where we all contribute to the cannibalization of our own future.

What is needed to break out of it? Some would argue ideals (great narratives, nationalism, religion, ideologies etc.). I would go one step further back in the chain; the ”ability to create ideals” is what’s important, meaning philosophy. And upon the foundation of philosophy, science.