Diary of Knowledge – what and why?

by oskar gudehn

I  recently realised I accumulate more information every day than I can remember or utilise. Afraid that I will not be able to handle the information, I decided to put it into some sort of system. Thus, this blog came into being. Reading, analysing, summarising and writing will hopefully improve what I remember and learn. Hopefully it will transform Information into Knowledge.

This is my personal Diary of Knowledge.

Here I will summarise the information I get hold of and my thoughts about it.
In style it will be messy; I have no time for perfection.
In content it might be messier still; the “quality of content” threshold is deliberately low. All subjects I arbitrarily deem important will end up here. Spontaneous thoughts/analyses might, or might not, be included. In a truly post-modern fashion I will mix all subjects, looking for connections where possible. Probably I will find connections where there are none; most likely there will be errors. Please be cautions browsing the material and view it critically.

All criticism and input is greatly appreciated.
yours truly // oskar